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Agile, Scrum, ScrumMaster, ProductOwner, Agile Coach, Management3.0

-Official certifications-

O Official Trainers. All of our teachers are accredited and certified by the Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, or PMI or Management.3.0 international institutions, all of them with international experience in the best companies.
O Official certifications, after training and through our on-line exam packs and simulators, you can get the best official certifications in Scrum, EuropeanScrum.org, Scrum.org or PMI.org
O The best experts in Agility and Scrum, in international companies.
O Assurance of approval: We have 98% approved in the official PMI certification, EuropeanScrum.org and Scrum.org. If you do not pass the certification exam, you can repeat the course for free.
O Coaching Certification: We offer you a free personalized "Coaching" service to be able to certify you, continue to progress in the world of Project Management, Agility and Scrum.
O Course guarantee: The courses are 100% Guaranteed, average quality, excellent, 9.6 out of 10, and a training has never been canceled.



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 o Training & cert. Scrum Master 


o Madrid, friday, saturday, 13, 14 Jun. - Full 

o Madrid, friday, saturday, 12, 13 Jul.

o Barcelona, friday, saturday 5th, 6th July.


 o Training & cert. Agile Coach

Madrid, monday, tuesday, wednesday, 27,28,29 may.

o Barcelona, wednesday, thursday, friday , 26,27,28 jun.


 o Training & cert. Scrum@Scales

 o Madrid, monday, tuesday, 10 & 11 Jun. New!



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Training funded by FUNDACION TRIPARTITA:

 o All trainings are eligible through Fundación Tripartita



Agenda training and official certification Scrum and Scrum Master


o We are a team!
o Ho to adapt to a Agile culture
o Agile & Scrum values & principles
o Agile Manifest
o Agile & Scrum organizations (How to implement or to adapt)
Organizations (Agilealliance.org, Scrum.org, Scrumalliance.org, EuropeanScrum.org)
o Analisys between Waterfall and Agile and Scrum
o Product Vision
o Simple RoadMap, multiple roadmaps.
o Relation between Vision and Product Roadmap
o Scrum Framework
o Roles
o Events
o Artifacts
o Roles
o Scrum Master
o Product Owner
o Development Team
o Scrum Team
o Stakeholders
o Artifacts
o Sprint
o Product Backlog
o Release Backlog
o Sprint Backlog
o Impediment/Incident Backlog
o Graphs
o Release/ Product/Sprint Burn down/up chart
o Product/Project/service (Product Backlog)
o What's a What's not Product Backlog
o User Stories, Epics, Theme
o Goals, Acceptance Criteria y Definition of Done
o Story Points versus Hours, Velocidad
o Estimations
o Estimations in Scrum
o Product, Project, Release, User Stories, Tasks
o Planning Poker& Affinity Estimation
o Scrum Office / PMO/ Scrum Center of Excellence
o Scrum of Scrum (How to scale Scrum, products, outsource, off-shore...).
o Visual Management
o Scrum Board/Task Board (simple product y multiple product)
o Events
Sprint 0
o Sprint
o Sprint Planning
o Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective
o Sprint Refinement/Grooming
o Best Practices in Scrum (officials, companies, and international community)
o Questions & Doubts
Implementation by the participants of a real project in Scrum implemented in LEGO


 Official certification by Scrum.org & EuropeanScrum.org

 Three different official certifications by Scrum.org & EuropeanScrum.org.


O After successfully completing the course you will be able to obtain three official certifications.
O Certification as an Expert Scrum Foundations of EuropeanScrum.org, successfully completed the course.
O Certification as an Expert Scrum Master of EuropeanScrum.org, passing the tests.
O Professional Scrum Master Certification by Scrum.org once the exam has passed, for those students who have registered for certification.
O We have a 98% approved in the official Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master certification and Expert Scrum Master of EuropeanScrum.org



 Whats included in the course

 Passion, experience, and much more


O The best training led by one of the best international specialists.
O Office supplies (notebooks, pens, post-its, planning poker, photocopies of slides, ...)
O Scrum.org's Official Scrum Manual, printed on paper.
O The best Scrum Community Handbook printed on paper
O The best 10 international Scrum guides currently on the market.
O Professional Scrum Master Certification by Scrum.org once the exam has passed, for those students who have registered for certification.
O Certification as an Expert Scrum Foundations of EuropeanScrum.org, successfully completed the course.
O Certification as an Expert Scrum Foundations of EuropeanScrum.org, successfully completed the course.
O We provide 16 x PMI PDUs to renew PMI certification.
O Pack exams with 8 exams written on paper, real simulation to practice the simulation.
O Access to the two best on-line websites for Scrum simulation tests.
O Coffe-break, drinks and lunch. Many sugus, and goodies!
O Approved Guarantee, 98% of the participants surpass both certifications, otherwise you can repeat the course, up to two times.
Coaching and Mentoring Service, to specialize in the world of Agile and Scrum.
O Free support to overcome official certifications and apply Scrum.



Official language of the course

We teach the course in three different languages


o The course is taught 100% in Spanish.

o We provide English and Spanish guides.


 Exceptional price

 We offer the best training at a great price. How is it possible?

O The difference is that we work in countless national and international companies, and we can afford to offer the training with the highest quality, at a reasonable price.
O Special price of the course is 395 euros
O The two official certifications are included in the price.
- ESF - Expert Scrum Foundations
- ESM - Expert Scrum Master in the price (valued at 150 € each).
O The students who choose to be officially certified by Scrum.org and to be members of the organization the price will be increased by 150 €.
O Special prices for companies that contribute more than one participant.
O Special prices for self-employed and individuals.
O Special prices for previous courses.
O Special prices for the unemployed.


 Unique atmosphere an experience.


Official agenda, practices, role plays, real cases and surprises ...
O We like to transmit our passion, we are lovers of agile and scrum and agility, we want to get all the knowledge, our international experience.
All courses are held in practical exercises
O A real case of implementing a project in Scrum
O Videos
O Much gamification and fun.
O Teamwork.



Reference in Europe

We are the reference in Europe

O Small, medium or large companies, in any sector; IT, mobile, software, chemistry, electronics, telecommunications, consulting, banking, insurance ...., are using the excellence of Agile, Scrum, Pmbok-pmp, Kanban & Lean to gain competitiveness, flexibility, adaptability, productivity, Motivation, speed to change, differentiate themselves from the competition and finally become successful companies.


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