Agile Consulting :

 International experience and excellence

o We offer consultancy, improvement, implementation, migration, and coaching in Agile Management, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Agile Risk Management, Agile Management and Management.3.0.

o We are specialized in technology, software development, banking, engineering, but we have much experience in  finance, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, defines ...

Agile & Agile PMO, Scrum Coach:

The best partner, always to your side..

o We will help you and accompany to implement AGILE and SCRUM.

o We will help you and advise you to implement to create an Agile PMO, Office SCRUM.

o We will advise you on how to migrate from a classic management to AGILE & SCRUM.

o We assure you the best results reducing costs, increasing flexibility, adaptability, and productivity, increasing the Time2Market and Time2Value, increasing fast change, improving the customer satisfaction and the best levels of quality.

o In general, to improve all the metrics and you will gain competitiveness and agility versus your competitors, with implementation AGILE and SCRUM.

o We will help you to dramatically improve productivity, performance, motivation, involvement, the attitude, the cohesion of the team through Agile and Scrum.

PMBoK and Agile and Scrum

The most successful and recognized methodology

o We will improve and adapt the PMBoK framework with Agile and Scrum.

o We will design, implement a PMO according to best practices of the PMI and Agile, Scrum and Kanban.

o We will advise you, and we want to be your coach and mentor according to the transformation.

o We will advise and implement the version AGILE PMBoK - ACP and/with Agile and Scrum.

Agile Risk Management:

Managing the risks we are a safe value

                         o We will improve the policy of your company, product, service or project risk management, from the point of view agile.

o We will advise you, we will design, improve, and implement the best practices and methodologies on risk management according to the best standards of the Stanford University, USA.

Management of products, projects and services::

International experience in the best companies

o We manage and lead these critical projects, products and services for your business, and your customers, or those projects with a high degree of national or international outsourcing.

o We will manage those projects with AGILE, SCRUM or PMBoK-PMP & ACP, Risk Management and Agile Management.

o We manage those projects with international teams, located in different countries, with different cultures, and different time zones in English, German, Catalan or Spanish.

o We manage those products, projects and services with a complex technological level.

Agile Management and Management 3.0

The corporate mentality of the winning companies

o Gain flexibility, competitiveness, retention of talent, Time2Market, and agility with Agile Management.

o Advance agile corporate culture.

o We are partners of Management.3.0, Jurgen Appelo.

o Manage the talent to the commitment and excellence of products, projects and services.

o Manages talent towards excellence and commitment to strategic, business or corporate.

o Transforms you company, values, and processes in a nimble corporate culture aimed to gain competitiveness and flexibility like the bests (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM,...)

International References 

Compromise and expertise 

                  o We love the spirit of the team, compromise, respect, friendship relationship, the compromise and expertise is our soul.

                   o We compromise for life. Our references and our passion is our branding differentiation.


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